Present and former functions

• Senior adviser to the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management for:
- Coastal & Deltaic Zone Develpoment, Land Reclamation
- Infrastructure & Water Management and Environment
• Senior adviser to the Ministry of Economy & Climate, Directorate-General for Foreign Economic Relations for:
- Coastal & Deltaic Zone Develpoment, Land Reclamation
- Bio-based Economy & Environmental Affairs
• Senior adviser to the Rotterdam Port Authority for:
- Integrated Coastal Policy, Land Reclamation
- Port & City Development
- Infrastructure & Environmental Affairs
• Adviser of the Province of South-Holland
• Adviser to the Municipality of The Hague for:
- Integrated Multi-functional Land Reclamation
• Adviser Netherlands Water Partnership
• Visiting lecturer at several Dutch universities, a.o. Erasmus University, Rotterdam; Netherlands Maritime University, Rotterdam; Delft University of Technology, Delft; Wageningen University & Research Centre
• Professor Delta Academy, Vlissingen
• Director Data Transmissie
• Director Foundation Building with Nature®
• Ambassador Association Region Water
• Proactive founder and adviser Deltares

Member Royal Institute of Netherlands Engineers
Member Royal Netherlands Chemical Society
Member Board of Delta Professionals
Member Inland Waterways International
Member Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science & Arts.


here the CV Prof. Dr. Ronald E. Waterman.